Breastfeeding and alcohol: tips for breastfeeding peacefully during the holidays!

The end of the year is coming, and so are the family celebrations! A wonderful moment to share with your children, sometimes for the very first time. What magic to see them amazed and discover their gifts under the tree 😍

Are you breastfeeding your baby and wondering if you can drink during the holidays ? We answer you in this article, giving you other little tips for having stylish holidays… and breastfeeding !

Breastfeeding and alcohol: possible or not?

A common misconception is that you cannot drink if you are breastfeeding. It seems logical: alcohol passes into the blood, and therefore into the milk... Others will say that you have to wait 2 to 3 hours between the last drink and the next feeding, or that you have to pump and throw away milk after drinking… Well, however, that’s not entirely the case ! Yes, you can drink alcohol while breastfeeding, in a reasonable dose, of course.

Drink when breastfeeding: at what dose?

Indeed, alcohol passes into breast milk , at a level similar to that in the blood; however, it does not modify its composition. We must also not forget that certain oral gels or even baby syrups contain up to 10% alcohol.

Below 0.5g of alcohol in the blood (i.e. around 2 glasses for a woman), the blood, and therefore the milk, will contain very little alcohol . For 0.5g of alcohol in the blood, there is approximately 0.5g of alcohol in milk, or 0.045g of pure alcohol in a feeding of on average 90ml. Much less than a ripe fruit!

Mnemonic to remember the “allowed” level of alcohol consumption for breastfeeding: if you can drive, you can breastfeed!

Breastfeed in style during the holidays

The holidays are a time of family reunion, whose members will probably be delighted to share moments with your little one , which some will perhaps discover for the first time. Everyone will have their own opinion on how to take care of your baby, particularly regarding breastfeeding. You can read our advice on the benefits of breastfeeding and its magical virtues , as well as those for successful breastfeeding if you want to explain to them the benefits of this white gold !

And if you want to be able to breastfeed peacefully within your family , you can discover our tips for breastfeeding peacefully in public , or better yet: opt for our pretty eco-designed nursing clothes , to breastfeed in style during the holidays.

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Happy holidays to all and… Cheers!

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