6 tips for breastfeeding in summer ☀️

That's it, summer is finally here! We will be able to enjoy beautiful summer days with family . In this article, we will tell you all the essentials and little tips for breastfeeding in summer !

Summer is here... and so is the heat!

Regulate the temperature

And yes, heat is one of toddlers' worst enemies. You must therefore take care to keep them cool and regularly check that they are not too hot! Skin-to-skin helps regulate baby's body temperature, but when it's extremely hot, it's sometimes not wise to stick together. Don't hesitate to opt for breastfeeding positions that will offer less contact between your two bodies.

Don’t hesitate to use a mister to cool the children (and yourself!) if necessary. You can also leave them in diapers if it's really hot, or run a damp glove over their face and limbs. And the must-have: a small fan, to create air for baby and you!

Obviously, we keep the children in the shade all the time, and we protect them well from the sun : suitable index 50 sunscreen, hat, glasses. We also avoid the hottest outing hours, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. And the same when you breastfeed, you keep yourself cool and in the shade ! On the other hand, be careful never to cover a stroller with a swaddle to put a baby in the shade: this false good idea creates a greenhouse effect which increases the temperature of the pram tenfold and can be extremely dangerous for the baby.

Suitable clothing

Choose loose, light clothing so you can breastfeed peacefully in the summer. In addition to making breastfeeding easier, it will help your baby and you not get too hot and sweaty while feeding.

At Cotton Milk, we offer you suitable breastfeeding clothes , so you can breastfeed in the summer without any problem! Our nursing clothes are responsibly eco-designed by small workshops in Europe, using natural and recycled materials . Our pieces are equipped with discreet side openings, so you can breastfeed whenever you want, wherever you want . In addition to our timeless pieces available all year round, we have capsule collections, made to order, for each season. Discover all our know-how and our history here !

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Bathing when breastfeeding

The best way to cool off in summer is still to swim . Of course, there is no contraindication to this when breastfeeding! You can enjoy the beach, the pool and the sea without any problem. Just be sure, if possible, to rinse well after swimming , to wash away any deposits on your chest (chlorine, sea water, sunscreen, etc.). And as soon as you get out of the water, change your swimsuit to a dry one if possible : keeping a wet swimsuit on your chest increases the risk of bacteria proliferation, and therefore, candidiasis for both of you.

Stay well hydrated when breastfeeding in summer

Hydration for the breastfeeding mother…

Since you are the one who makes precious breast milk, make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day ! Indeed, when breastfeeding, you need to hydrate more than normal (around 30%) – and, even more so in summer. Assume that if you're thirsty, it's almost too late! Drink regularly throughout the day : water, herbal teas, iced tea, etc.

To increase your water consumption, you can also eat summer fruits and vegetables (cucumbers, melons, watermelons, etc.), which are rich in water, to vary the sources of hydration. In addition, what we eat passes into the milk: this will give your baby the opportunity to taste it too ! No reason to deprive yourself of it, therefore 😉

tips for breastfeeding in summer

…and the breastfed baby?

Contrary to popular belief: no, breastfed babies do not need water ! Breast milk is made up of 87.5% water , and its composition varies depending on the day and your baby's needs. Nature is well done, don't you think? 😍

Therefore, there is no need to give your baby water. In addition, giving water in a bottle can increase the risk of breast/pacifier preference , and also impact your lactation in the long term . Enough to greatly prefer the original source, therefore!

In case of extreme heat, make sure to breastfeed your baby regularly : if the feedings are more frequent and shorter, it doesn't matter! This helps keep it hydrated. After 6 months, water is part of dietary diversification. You can therefore help your baby discover this liquid that is completely new to him thanks to suitable containers. But before 6 months, no need: mom's milk is more than enough!

Summary of our advice for breastfeeding in summer

To make it easier for you to remember these tips, we have prepared a summary sheet just for you, breastfeeding mothers. Don’t hesitate to save it, share it, or better: pin it on Pinterest to access it quickly!

summary sheet 6 tips for breastfeeding in summer

The entire Cotton Milk team wishes you a great summer full of unlimited feedings!
What do you have planned with your children during this vacation? Tell us everything!
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