Grab Them Before The Next Feeding – These Styles Don't Wait


At COTTON MILK we believe in the immeasurable love that every mother carries within herself and in her ability to give life and nourish with love.

Our clothes are not simple pieces of fabric, they are promises of tenderness full of style, elegance and comfort.

COTTON MILK says no more memerizing, ugly, maternity, poorly adjusted cuts and materials that stick to the skin.

Our mission is to improve the daily lives of breastfeeding mothers with practical and discreet openings and to enhance women with trendy, comfortable cuts made from beautiful natural materials.

A sustainable and responsible wardrobe with a bohemian chic style. Pretty 100% breastfeeding pieces that are wearable even after our toddlers are weaned.

Every seam, every fabric is imbued with the sunny soul of Portugal, woven in the tradition and quality inherited from generations of passionate artisans.

The world of COTTON MILK is a hymn to softness, a fresh breeze every season. We want every breastfeeding moment to be vibrant, every piece of clothing to reflect your own style and personality.

For us, motherhood is an emotion, each item of clothing tells a story, and every mother feels cherished.

Join us in this bright and sweet adventure, where motherhood is honored, celebrated, and where every mother feels supported. COTTON MILK, where tenderness becomes strength, where each garment is a statement, where each mother is a true QUEEN.

For what ?

“I decided to create this brand after months of dreaming of wearing nursing dresses. But also, having experienced many difficulties during my 2 breastfeedings and the profound lack of support and training from the people supposed to help us.

Today I try to help other mothers by offering pretty pieces that make you want to breastfeed and by protecting breastfeeding through different associations and initiatives.”

Emma, ​​founder of COTTON MILK.