Our history

The COTTON MILK brand offers you feminine, chic and durable textile creations for breastfeeding everywhere, in all circumstances , but also that we can wear every day even after weaning our toddlers.

A French brand ♡ Our pieces are imagined, designed and designed in the South of France. Our production is made with love in small workshops that respect people and the environment in Europe.

We invite you to discover an authentic, soft and fresh universe inspired by nature, travel, love and motherhood.

Our engagements

At COTTON MILK , nature is at the heart of our values . Our textile creations are made from natural or recycled materials with a practical cut to breastfeed with comfort, style and complete discretion 🌿

We offer you a permanent collection of timeless pieces and each season limited capsule collections produced in the form of pre-sales.

The creator

Spanish by birth, cradled by values ​​of sharing, respect, openness to others, a thirst to discover the world.

It all started with my grandmothers, Madrilenians, they were both passionate about fashion and had a sensitivity for beautiful materials, then with our neighbor at the time, a professional seamstress who made superb disguises for my sister and me for our shows. I took great pleasure in dressing myself from a very young age thanks to them.

After studying business management, I put my creativity on hold for the first few years to devote myself to one of my passions: travel. So I started my career in tourism and stayed for a few years.

Adopted from Provence and passionate about art and travel, it was in France that I imbued myself with this different outlook which gives objects a lasting character and the beauty of noble materials in their raw state.

After the first confinement and the birth of my son Alejandro, I started to think about my desires, my projects, while maintaining this deep conviction to change things regarding breastfeeding.

Since I've been breastfeeding, I've had trouble getting dressed. At first I kept my maternity clothes, but they were not at all suitable, they were neither comfortable and even less flattering...

I dreamed of clothes 100% suitable for breastfeeding. Chic and durable, but above all comfortable clothes that could seem "normal".

After doing some research, I found that I wasn't the only one who thought the same thing.

And then one day it clicked, because I finally knew what I wanted to express: a deep conviction to change things regarding breastfeeding, of wonderful quality and an alliance between the love of life and the respect for the planet.

Wanting to combine my passion for fashion and my commitment to breastfeeding, it was obvious for me to create a fashion brand dedicated to breastfeeding.

This is how COTTON MILK was born.

The rest of the story is with you that I will write it...."

Emma, ​​creator and founder of COTTON MILK