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Feeding your child is a natural act which, however, is often debated. Indeed, breastfeeding in public is sometimes linked (obviously wrongly!) to exhibitionism or provocation, and these excesses are at the origin of news items which unfortunately hit the headlines. We are going to give you some information & advice on how to breastfeed peacefully in public .

When breastfeeding bothers

Women have been breastfeeding, carrying and giving birth since the world began. However, the more our society evolves, the more minds seem closed when it comes to breastfeeding. We saw it again recently, with the slap affair in Bordeaux (a mother slapped by a woman for having fed her 6-month-old child in a queue), or even at Disneyland Paris (guards asked a mother who was breastfeeding her 2-month-old baby on a bench to stop, under the pretext that it might shock foreign customers). Cover this breast that I cannot see, said Molière…

Why does the simple act of feeding your child make headlines? Breasts are unfortunately still too sexualized; by seeing them in all the advertisements, we ended up forgetting their primary function ! The media, the pharmaceutical industry and the consumer society have led us to believe for years that a woman must be devoted to her home, without being too close to her babies. Moreover, the image of the perfect mother has long been that of the working girl with a bottle in her hand.

What if it was the other way around? In the 21st century, women's consciences are awakening and they are returning to proximal mothering , which has existed since the dawn of time, and whose latest research in neuroscience has been able to highlight its interest in the development of toddlers .

Breastfeeding, a militant act?

Breastfeeding is increasingly visible on social networks , and sometimes even shown as a demand. The word is being released around the taboo of breastfeeding, allowing future mothers to make an informed choice on how to feed their child , and no longer simply supported by society and the lobby of the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2021, breastfeeding mothers are asserting themselves, rebelling and showing themselves . They inform, share and help each other. Breastfeeding brings a sisterhood between them; when narrow minds try to make them disappear, they unite and come together. For some of them, breastfeeding ends up being a feminist, even militant, act .

No, a breastfeeding woman is not trying to show off : she is just trying to feed her child. Are pregnant women criticized for showing too much of their belly? Or women in swimsuits showing too much of their body at the beach? It should be the same for breastfeeding : breastfeeding mothers don't have to hide, there is no shame or pride . It is a natural gesture, which meets the needs of our child.

At Cotton Milk , we support all breastfeeding women : whether they are exclusively breastfeeding or mixed breastfeeding, whether they have been breastfeeding for a short time or for a long time, whether they proudly claim it or do it modestly ❤️

how to breastfeed outside

How to Breastfeed in a Public Place

Of course, even if breastfeeding in public is a completely natural act that should not pose a problem for those around us, it still can bother some women, who prefer to do it discreetly. In this case, what should you do if you want to breastfeed discreetly in public ?

First, a few tips: when you breastfeed a baby, it is often not visible . In the end, it just looks like you're holding your baby! You can do the test by breastfeeding in front of a mirror: you will see that you can hardly see what you are doing, and even less your breast.

Also, choose places where you feel comfortable , or which are breastfeeding friendly. The VanillaMilk application offers you an interactive map of places that are, for example.

Then, to be able to breastfeed discreetly outside , there are several solutions:

  • Stand back a little, out of sight, out of sight, to feel calm and comfortable; If you are at a friend's house and breastfeeding in front of them bothers you, you can, for example, ask to go to a room.
  • Use a nursing diaper , which covers your chest and possibly the baby's head; you must always ensure that the air passes well and that this does not bother the baby,
  • In the same way, wear a vest or scarf that allows you to hide your chest,
  • Use the tank top technique , which involves wearing a tank top under a t-shirt or sweater; All you have to do is lift up the sweater and take out your breast through the tank top, leaving only the necessary part visible.

And obviously, at Cotton Milk , we saved the best solution for last: opting for nursing clothes! In recent years, more and more brands have been offering clothing suitable for breastfeeding, thanks to opening or wrap systems that allow you to discreetly breastfeed your child. Certain underwear also makes breastfeeding easier and allows you to take your breast out more easily.

At Cotton Milk , we have thought of you: we offer you eco-designed nursing clothes . You can breastfeed anywhere and easily, thanks to the zipped openings discreetly sewn on each side of our pieces. We have chosen responsible production , in small workshops using natural or recycled materials, with feminine and stylish cuts that you can also wear after breastfeeding ! We offer two types of collections: timeless collections , available all year round, and capsule collections , which change each season and will be made to order.

Finally, don't forget that in France, breastfeeding is a right . There are no restrictions or prohibitions that prevent you from being able to feed your child wherever you want. From the moment where, in this place, you can give your baby a bottle or puree, then you too have the right to give him a feed 😉

And you, do you prefer discreet breastfeeding or breastfeeding everywhere without worrying about it?
Do you have any techniques or accessories to recommend to other mothers who read us? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment !
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