The essentials for successful breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby is a natural act that prolongs the continuity of the pregnancy . But sometimes, everything doesn't go as planned: discomfort, pain, cracks, doubts and questions... So many pitfalls that can easily discourage a very young mother . In this article, we give you all our advice on how to prepare well in advance and ensure successful breastfeeding .

Why breastfeed?

The first question to ask yourself during your pregnancy is whether you plan to breastfeed your baby . At Cotton Milk , we know that this subject can sometimes be sensitive, but we know that it is important that all choices are respected: opting for the bottle will never make you a bad mother! Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding must be an informed choice , and encouraged by the medical teams around you.

But if you are still hesitating between breastfeeding or bottle feeding, we advise you to consult our previous articles, on the unsuspected benefits of breastfeeding , and the magical uses of breast milk. You will see that this white gold is as incredible for your baby as it is for you 😍

Some mothers refuse to breastfeed because they are embarrassed by the idea of ​​having to undress to feed their child. This is why Cotton Milk offers you practical, stylish and eco-designed nursing clothing, allowing you to breastfeed discreetly thanks to zipped side openings. Don’t hesitate to also consult our article which will give you lots of tips for breastfeeding in public!

Preparing during pregnancy

Put all the chances on your side during your pregnancy to best prepare for your future breastfeeding . To do this, you can participate in breastfeeding meetings led by breastfeeding professionals, such as those of La Leche League . There are also dedicated Facebook groups, such as breastfeeding, an art , which will allow you to have support and answers to your questions, and have a network of breastfeeding mothers around you.

The best is to treat yourself to a consultation with an IBCLC lactation consultant , the only health professionals demonstrating true specialization and expertise in breastfeeding. They will be able to guide you and answer all your questions before the big day - and it is strongly recommended to see them shortly after the birth, to check that all the lights are green so that you can continue to breastfeed peacefully. Do not hesitate to also consult a pediatric osteopath , ideally trained in restrictive tongue ties, after birth to ensure that everything is working for you and your baby.

Please note: doctors and midwives are, most of the time, not or poorly trained in breastfeeding and sometimes provide advice that is counterproductive. The Vanilla Milk site offers, among other things, a map of professionals specializing in breastfeeding .

Essential purchases for breastfeeding

Even if, thanks to nature's very good nature, breastfeeding only requires one item (in this case, our breasts), it can be interesting to plan several small purchases to be prepared for any eventuality. Here's what we recommend you always have nearby for the first few weeks!

  • nursing shells , to be used between feedings to promote healing and quickly relieve irritations and cracks (possibility of replacing them with moist milk compresses),
  • an anti-crack cream (that of Lansinoh , or for example Neobulle oil ) to use between feedings,
  • an oil to massage the chest and help the skin to relax and avoid engorgement ( from Neobulle or Weleda for example),
  • lactation boosters , such as breastfeeding herbal teas, Calmosine syrup or Néobulle supplements ,
  • nursing pads , to absorb any milk leaks between feedings,
  • a nursing pillow to help you position yourself correctly during feedings (or the Lansinoh cuff ),
  • the highly illustrated breastfeeding manual , a true bible to absolutely have on hand from maternity,
  • and finally, choose clothing and underwear suitable for breastfeeding , which will help you breastfeed comfortably. Pssst... At Cotton Milk, we have everything planned: stylish and comfortable breastfeeding clothes for young mothers like you 😉

Trust each other

The hardest thing when you start breastfeeding is knowing how to trust yourself - because the opinions of our personal and medical entourage will be widely shared and it is sometimes difficult to know how to draw the truth from the falsehood. The rules of breastfeeding are, however, simple: breastfeeding must be done on demand , without looking at your watch, unlike doctors who will impose a feeding every 3 or 4 hours.

Besides, did you know that your milk continually adapts to your baby's needs ? It varies depending on its growth but also on the course of the day. Incredible right? 😍 Discover all the unsuspected benefits of breastfeeding and all the virtues of breast milk .

We remind you once again that breastfeeding should NEVER hurt , and that in the event of persistent pain, you should consult a healthcare professional trained in breastfeeding to identify the source of the problem and correct it.

And you, what are (or were) your essentials for breastfeeding?
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