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At COTTON MILK , we pride ourselves on creating nursing clothing that makes life easier for nursing mothers. We are also proud of our choices of materials and manufacturing.

Transparency and ethics

Just as we are committed to protecting our families and using environmentally friendly materials, our priority is also that everyone who works with us and makes our products with their hands is treated ethically and receives a fair remuneration. This is why all our pieces are made in Europe in small, high-end family workshops to ensure the working conditions of the people who make your clothes and impeccable quality.

Slow life & fashion

In our private life as with COTTON MILK , we aspire to more thoughtful and more responsible consumption. We believe that together we can make a difference by paying more attention to what we produce and what we consume.

Favoring a short circuit, our products are imagined and designed in the South of France by the designer Emma and a professional stylist-modelist, and made in a workshop in northern Portugal less than 1,500 kilometers from us for our high-end selection, and part on demand in small family workshops respectful of man and nature in Europe for small capsule collections (*currently looking for this second workshop).

The on-demand manufacturing system allows you to produce only the items you actually ordered and nothing more. It is this type of production that we have chosen for the most trendy pieces and which today seems to us to be a responsible alternative to overproduction.


Around 9 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the oceans each year, causing the loss of 100,000 marine mammals per year.

So you can imagine that it was impossible for us to use plastic. This is why ALWAYS all your orders have been sent in reusable pouches, NF Environnement certified La Poste cardboard pouches and small eco-responsible and recyclable boxes.

We favor sustainable materials that reduce the amount of waste.