The magical uses of breast milk 😍

Breast milk is often called white gold. Indeed,as explained in our previous article , it is full of often unsuspected benefits . But its use does not stop at simply feeding a baby! Endowed with many magical virtues , it can be used in many other areas. Are you wondering which ones? Discover them all in our article 😍

The virtues of breast milk

You readin our previous article , breast milk is beneficial for the baby, for the mother and for the environment. But do you know the extent of its properties? Thanks to its unique composition , breast milk is an excellent healing, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing ...

Obviously, at Cotton Milk , we love breast milk... and more broadly, breastfeeding! We proudly campaign for breastfeeding to be normalized , and to contribute to this, we offer young mothers eco-designed breastfeeding clothing to allow you to breastfeed discreetly wherever you want, whenever you want .

Unsuspected uses of breast milk

With all these virtues, it is easy to find many uses for this magical and powerful liquid that is breast milk.

Breast milk to treat mothers...

Breast milk is healing. And first of all, it can treat discomfort related to breastfeeding : in the event of cracks, you can apply breast milk compresses between feedings to help the skin on your nipple to regenerate. A natural solution, which does not require cleaning because the baby can ingest it without any problem 😉 On the other hand, if the pain persists or intensifies, do not delay in turning to an IBCLC lactation consultant : breastfeed should never hurt .

Did you know that breast milk can also be used on moist wounds ? It will therefore be miraculous postpartum if you have had a tear or episiotomy!

...but also the whole family

You can also use milk to treat your baby . During the first few days you can use it to perform cord care . Or in case of diaper rash , for example, milk will soothe the skin and help it heal faster. All you have to do is gently dab a few drops of milk on the irritated area using a compress. You can also make a poultice with white clay , very useful for erythema because it helps dry the area healthily.

Breast milk can also be used to disinfect and soothe many small everyday ailments : stings, cuts, small burns, abrasions... And also ENT infections : as a gargle to treat sore throats, in a pipette of physiological serum to clean the nose, or a drop poured into the ear in case of otitis. Or, on the eyes to treat conjunctivitis . Magical, right? 😍

Breast milk to treat the skin

Thanks to its healing and antifungal properties , it is recognized as an excellent treatment for eczema ! You can pour a few drops of your precious liquid into the evening bath, it will soften your child's skin and soothe their eczema. You can also transform it into soap , by mixing it in a bain-marie in equal parts with soap shavings (and why not a vegetable oil to maximize hydration).

And thanks to its composition of fatty acids, it is also very effective against acne in infants... and adults ! You can apply it to your face using a compress, like a serum. It will help to disappear imperfections and restore radiance to your complexion! In the same way, it can be used against babies' cradle cap, or applied to a cold sore to disinfect it, or even to chapped lips.

Some women even use it cosmetically , as a makeup remover, or as a compress on the eyes to soothe the eyes! And you, ready to take the plunge?

Using breast milk in food

Breast milk is, of course, primarily intended for food use ; in this case, feeding your baby. But we can expand this use, especially during the food diversification stage! Rather than using cow's milk in baby's meals, you can use your own milk. Some families even democratize its use, to the point of cooking with it on a daily basis . Of course, all members have to be OK with the idea of ​​eating pancakes or other pastries containing breast milk - but at least it's 100% natural and local 😄

You can also freeze milk in ice cube trays or small baby ice molds : in case of extreme heat , or during teething , you can give them to baby so that he can relieve himself and cool down. And it also allows him to discover other sensations, textures and flavors!

Summary sheet of breast milk uses

Amazing all these uses, don't you think? Hereat Cotton Milk , we never stop being amazed by all the possibilities that this white gold offers us 😍

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